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Welcome to my web site.

Welcome to my web site, www.tigergardentractor.com. We have been collecting and restoring antique equipment for many years. The interest in rusty iron struck me pretty young. A while back, I added a Tiger Garden Tractor (a model 883) to my collection. I thought it was interesting and unique in design compared to the sea of mass produced garden tractors out in the hobby.

As I tried to find more information about these tractors, I realized there really wasn’t much available. Tiger Tractor Corp. built only a small number of tractors and models compared to other manufacturers. The company existed for only about 16 years and it doesn’t seem many of these Tigers survive to this day. So started my obsession….

I have accumulated a fair amount of the remaining information regarding these neat little garden tractors. This web site is devoted to those collectors that have Tigers and are looking for information about their specific model and/or the company’s place in history. I hope you find the information helpful.

Thank you for visiting.